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Even better, deep dive into the summary source for clarity or jump right to that moment in the YouTube video.

Powered by ChatGPT
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How to Use

  1. Install the Gist AI extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Pin the Gist AI extension to the toolbar
  3. Open any website, Youtube video or PDF and click on the extension icon to summarize it
  4. To summarize a PDF file stored on your computer, upload it in the PDF tab

Main Features

Save time

Instantly extracts key points from long articles, YouTube videos or PDFs in 1 click.

extract key points from website and youtube videos

Read More of what you like

Our unique Read More feature allows you to deep-dive into the source of the summaries that interest you the most.
No more fluff or distractions!

forward to timestamp in youtube video

Jump to core segments of a YouTube video

Quickly skim through the summary and only watch the parts of the YouTube video which are relevant to you.

forward to timestamp in youtube video

Summarize any PDF

With Gist AI, you can get summaries for PDFs found online as well as those saved on your device.

forward to timestamp in youtube video

Understand better

Our research-backed technique improves comprehension and focus by breaking down long articles, PDFs or videos into smaller parts.

splits articles and videos into small blocks

Frequently asked questions

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What makes your AI summarizer different from others?

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How does the AI PDF summarizer work?

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How can I use your tool to summarize websites or YouTube videos?

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Is there a free version of the summarizer available?

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Is there a feature to summarize books, research articles or longer documents?

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Can the Chrome extension summarize articles from any website?

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Is the summary generator safe to use?

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Can ChatGPT summarize YouTube videos?

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How does the AI-powered PDF summarizer enhance the summarization process?

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How does your summarizer ensure content is not plagiarized?

Customer Testimonials

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It is a great tool for students and professionals alike and the software understands exactly what points and figures in the article would be useful for the reader very well. There have been many times when I needed to comb through huge articles to find the most important points for a business report or a presentation and GistAI does just that in a matter of seconds.

Sambuddha Guha

Business Analyst
user avatar

As someone who rarely has any patience to read on pages and pages of any article, this extension is a life saver for me. This extension streamlined the contents of the articles with a great deal of precision for me. As a student I do have to read quite a few tech related articles and this extension just made my day to day work way more easier.

Sunny Basu

Research Student
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With all the content that we consume on a daily basis this extension is a life- and timesaver. Would highly recommend for anyone to give this a try.

Joris Langewouters


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