How to summarize any PDF for free with ChatGPT?


PDF summarization can help you save a lot of time and boost productivity. Gist AI is a free PDF Summarizer powered by ChatGPT.

With Gist AI, you can summarize unlimited PDF articles of any length for free.

What is an AI PDF Summarizer?

An AI PDF Summarizer like Gist AI first reads the content of a PDF and converts it to text format. After reading this content, it splits the content into small parts using advanced AI technologies. It then uses ChatGPT to summarize the PDF and identify key points.

Why should you summarize a PDF with Gist AI?

  • Saves time

    Reading a 100-page PDF could easily take upwards of 50 minutes or more. However, with Gist AI, you can get a condensed summary of any PDF article that can be read in just a few minutes.

  • Focus on important parts

    You no longer need to read the entire PDF to get to the important parts. With Gist AI, you only read the parts of the PDF which are relevant and important to you.

  • Unlimited Free PDF summaries. No restrictions on the length of the PDF

    With Gist AI PDF Summarizer, you can summarize unlimited PDFs. You can summarize lengthy PDFs found online as well as those saved on your device. There are no limits on the number of PDFs or the length of each PDF.

  • Easy to use

    Gist AI is designed with a simple, intuitive interface. Just upload your PDF, and Gist AI will instantly generate the PDF summary.

How to summarize a PDF?

Summarize any PDF in just 2 steps with Gist AI.

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  1. Install the Gist AI PDF Summarizer Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store
  2. Upload your PDF file
  3. Done! Gist AI will automatically generate the summary for the PDF.

    Bonus Tip

    You can also summarize any online PDF with Gist AI. Just click on the Gist AI extension icon after opening the PDF file to summarize it.

Other tools for PDF Summarization

While there are other PDF summarization tools powered by ChatGPT, like ZenoChat and ChatPDF, none are Free and offer the ease of use and versatility that Gist AI provides. With Gist AI, you do not have to convert your PDFs to text or break them into sections. Gist AI Chrome extension does all the heavy lifting for you.